Work Space Inspiration

I can spend hours and hours on Pinterest just browsing and pining images. Which is why I’ve decided to bring a series of posts of inspiration for various things and places in life. First up is work spaces. We all have somewhere we like to work from on our laptop. Whether or not you have a room as an office space or a desk in a bedroom, these pins will sure give you some inspiration on decorating your workspace.

In the various pin’s I’ve featured, clean or minimal look is something I find inspiring to work from. From the first image above, those pins features are more for the rooms with space. I find that have shelving above the shelve a great place to keep storage and office supplies or any important paper work you might have. Having a black wall also adds an edge to your office, taking it away from your all white office.


These pins above are for the ones with little room or space. Just because you have a small area to work from doesn’t mean you can’t have it organised, clean and something pretty to look at. The desks are small but provide enough room for your computer and any stationer you need or a lamp. A little shelve on top can also store any bits and bobs you have or alternatively, you can have pictures. Pictures can do so much for your room/working space.