Winter Essentials 2014

Winter has arrived here so it’s time to prepare for the cold days ahead. Here in Johannesburg, it doesn’t rain during the winter. We have very dry winter but really cold. So these are just some of the stuff I like to have during the these colds days that are coming.

  • Knit Jacket – This jacket is so warm and thick. The outside is knit and the inside is has cotton to keep all the warmth in. It’s defiantly going to keep me warm during the cold days. I can see myself living in this jacket actually.
  • Chunky Socks  – We always need some thick sock in the winter and boy are this socks warm and fluffy in the inside.
  • Ankle Boots – Of course, we all need boots and these boots are so comfortable and easy to put on. It also pretty much goes with all dark coloured cloths that I might use this winter.
  • Maybelline Baby Lips – When winter is here, my lips tend to get very dry quickly so I need to keep these lips moisturised and at the moment, this is my favourite.
  • Green Tea & Mint – I love to have hot drinks during the winter. Besides coffee which I’ll be having a lot, I’ll be also drinking a lot of tea as it’s also a favourite hot beverage of mine. Curling up on the couch with a hot cup of tea, ready to watch TV is great and it’s so going to keep me warm.

These are just some of my winter essentials. What are some of yours that you need during the cold days?