Why I Started Blogging

Today I thought I would talk about why I started blogging. I have had this blog for just over 2 years now and it’s really become a place I have enjoyed to come to.

A Place To Talk About My Interests – I initially started blogging because I was bored and needed something to do to occupy my time but then my blog started to become a place I enjoyed talking about my interests. You get this sense of joy and excitement when other join in on your blog posts and talk about the things you love as well.

To Connect With Others – Dealing with social anxiety, it becomes harder to communicate with others without feeling so judged with every word I say but when it comes to blogging I have more of a control in what I say which I believe can help me to branch out and chat to other bloggers about our interests which can then help me come to terms with that we are not perfect and that it’s ok to say silly things here and there and that people won’t judge you for it. I also wanted a place where I can make friends and making friends through blogging where we have the same interests seems like a good place to start.

Now blogging has become a lot more. It has become a place where I can learn and improve on what skills I already have. With blogging, I am always learning to improve my photography. I’m also learning to improve my writing which is something I have always enjoyed.

I hope to continue blogging as long as I can, even if I don’t reach a high audience just because it makes me happy.

If you have blog, why did you start?