What’s Been Going On

As you all may have noticed, there hasn’t been any updates on the blog for about 2 weeks and there are 2 reasons for that. First one is that I have been totally uninspired. I’ve had no new ideas for posts and when I do come up with a semi-decent post, the words don’t seem to come out as I want, leading me to be very disappointed in the outcome of the post which just ends up being scrapped. Secondly, the past week, I have been recovering from a pretty bad food poisoning which did lead a trip to the emergency room. And as I’m sure you all know when you’re recovering from food poisoning, the recovering process is sleeping as much as you can.

I am happy to report that I am fully recovered though. My insides are a-okay but posts ideas and creativity is still a bit low. But I do have posts lined up for this week as well as next week so hopefully as I’m writing those up, new ideas will spark.