What Makes Me Happy (The Little Things)

I’m someone who gets happy by the littlest things, not to say bigger things don’t make me happy because they do but the small things make me happy too. So here is a few of the small things that make me happy on a day to day basis and if I’m feeling down, doing one of these things will bring a smile to my face.

  • Getting a full nights rest
  • The car tank full of fuel
  • A hot cup of green tea and mint before bed
  • New music
  • Watching my favourite YouTubers
  • Reading an interesting and intriguing book
  • Playing some of my favourite video games
  • When my skin is having a good day
  • Eating a delicious pizza
  • A really good cup of coffee
  • Buying new nail polish
  • Organised laptop
  • Having a fresh manicure
  • Sappy love stories
  • Clean car
  • The smell and feel of new books

What are some of the little things that make you happy?