The Sunday Post #2

I have decided to get back into these Sunday posts. I see many bloggers that I follow doing these so I thought I’d give them another go as I do enjoy reading them. So here we go.

Essitenal Shopping – After the easter holidays and my birthday, my sister and I are heading to England for a week to start prepping our move to England later this year. So we did a little shopping just to buy some essentially that we need for the trip.

Birthday Dinner – Later today I’m having a birthday dinner to celebrate my birthday which is on the 29th March. I usually would celebrate the weekend before but it’s Easter and the weekend afterwards is the weekend where we leave to England so tonight is the dinner. I’m looking forward to spending some time with friends and eating good food.

What I’ve Been Listening To – Lately I’ve been listening to Banner’s EP Banners. It has lovely songs on there and I’ve also been listening to Andy Black’s new song We Don’t Have To Dance. I’m really excited for his new album to come out.

What I’ve Been Watching – Lately, I’ve been really into Star Wars so I’ve been watching all the films on repeat and watching the animation The Clone Wars on Netflix. I can’t seem to get enough of the Star Wars world.

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday and you all have a lovely week ahead.