The Spring Tag


Since it’s the final month of Spring here, I thought I’d do the Spring Tag. I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this tag, just thought it might be a fun post. I tag anyone who wants to do this.

  • Favourite Spring Nail Polish? Rimmel London Salon Pro in Jazz Funk or Essie’s Limo-Scene.
  • What Is Your Must-Have Lip Colour This Spring? Pink or Coral Orange.
  • Show Us Your Favourite Spring Dress – Sadly, I don’t wear dresses, it’s just something I’m not comfortable with. Maybe in the future I’ll step out of my comfort zone as there are so many pretty dress out there.
  • What’s Your Favourite Flower? Roses are so pretty but I do love Peonies and Orchids as well.
  • Favourite Spring Scarf/Accessory? Unfortunately, I don’t use any specific accessory’s in Spring. I’ll use more in Autumn and Winter.
  • What Spring trend’s are you most excited about this year? Oh man, I’m so bad with keeping up with trends. So I don’t know any of the spring trends for this year.
  • Favourite Spring Candle? Lovely scented candles are really hard to find here unless you’re willing to spend a lot on a Yankee Candle. But from the ones I’ve encountered, I’d probably like something fruity or floral but not heavily scented.
  • Favourite Body Spray/Perfume For Spring? I’ve been really enjoying The Body Shops Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette.
  • What Is Spring Like Where You Live? Spring here, especially in Johannesburg, is the start of the rainy season as in winter we have no rain. So we’ll start getting a few rain falls, preparing for the raining summer.
  • What’s Your Favourite Thing About Spring? My favourite thing about Spring is when all the beautiful flowers start to blossom. It just looks so beautiful.
  • Are You A Spring Cleaner? Not really but then again, I’m not really a messy person.
  • Any Plans For Spring Break or An Upcoming Vacation? No, no plans and here we don’t have spring break. Only something in the summer which I’m not here for

What are your favourite things about Spring?