The Halloween Tag


A little late posting this but hey, better late than never. Anyways, I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this but I saw it going around on Youtube so I thought I’d give it a go and if you want you can do this yourself as well.

  • What is your favourite Halloween movie? This is a really tough question but I think I’d go with either The Conjuring or Paranormal Activity 2.
  • If you were in a horror movie, how far would you get? I’d like to believe I’d get far because if some funky things are going about in town, I’m leaving. I’m not sticking around which I feel like is something that characters always do. But then again, I could die in the first few minutes.
  • What is your favourite memory of Halloween? I don’t think I have a favourite memory but I did enjoy going trick or treating and then going home and seeing what sweets I go as sometimes the neighbours would surprise us with unique and different sweets.
  • Your best/worst Halloween costume? I wish I could remember my costumes that I wore as a kid when I went trick or treating and sadly I don’t have any pictures. But I think I vaguely remember wearing the whole scream outfit and that was pretty fun and exciting back then.
  • How do you get into the Halloween spirit? Making Halloween themed stuff, buying pumpkins and watching scary movies.
  • Favourite Halloween decoration? Pumpkins for sure. There’s something about pumpkins that just scream Halloween. I also enjoy spiders and bats as a decoration.
  • Name one unusual things that you’re afraid of? I don’t I have an unusual thing I’m afraid of. But damn, bugs scare. Get those things away from me.
  • Vampires or Zombies? Vampires for sure. There’s just something so appealing about them but if we’re talking about Warm Bodies zombies, then zombies it is. R anyone?
  • Creepy Dolls or Creep Clowns? Creepy dolls are more creepy to me. Anyone going to see Annabelle? I am and I can’t wait. I just don’t find clowns creepy at all and I know a lot of people are freaked out by clowns. Though I won’t lie, if I saw a creepy clown in my yard, I’m out.
  • Do you believe in ghosts? No, I don’t believe in ghosts.

Again, anyone is tagged who wants to do this or if you want, you can answer just some of the questions down below in the comments. Happy Halloween everyone!