The Body Shop Mini Haul


The other day I popped into The Body Shop to pick up a moisturiser but ended up buying other things in there as they had an awesome deal going on where if you bought 3 products, you’d get the cheapest one free. These are what I ended up picking up.

  • Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream – I’ve used this before and I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog already. This cream is hands down a favourite of mine for when my skin is feeling dry and when I had some flaky patches on my face.
  • Vitamin C Facial Polish – After my previous exfoliator ran out, I was looking for a new one. Not that the previous one wasn’t good as it was and would buy again but I wanted to giving my skin some glow, some radiance this spring/summer and I heard the Vitamin C products from The Body Shop do that so I picked this up.
  • Chamomile Eye Make-Up Remover – I couldn’t remember which Eye Make-Up remover I read reviews from as it was between this one or the Waterproof Make-Up Remover. In the end, I choose this one because it seemed liked it would be more gentle on the eyes, especially for someone with sensitive skin. This is also the one I got for free as it was the cheapest of the three.

If one of these really stand out to me like the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream, I’ll mostly likely write up a more detailed post about it.