Wicked Nadia's Summer Nails for 2016

Summer Nails 2016

Summer is here so that means to time to start using the lighter shades of nail polishes as well as more brighter colours. Here are my nail polish pics for this summer.

  • Essie Mademoiselle – This is quiet a sheer nail polish as it’s mainly intended for a French manicure but two or three coats of this and you’ll have a lovely nude sort-of like nails which I personally love and actually seems to go well with my skin tone as I find nude, white nail polishes hard to suit my skin tone. This is perfect if you want a subtle nail polish instead of going all out and bright.
  • Essie E-Nuf is E-Nuf – This stunning red/pink nail polish is perfect for spring and summer. It’s creamy and it’s really flattering with my skin tone. It’s one of my favourite red nail polishes.
  • Essie Buy Me A Cameo – I currently have a thing for copper/rose gold colours and when I saw this nail polish, I absolutely love it. It’s quiet light when you apply one coat so it’s recommend to apply two coats and you’ll be left with a lovely finish of a copper look on your nails.
  • Revlon Parfumerie Lavender Soap – I’ve mentioned this nail polish in the past but this is such a lovely shade. It’s a lovely slightly shimmery violet lavender colour that really complements a lot of summer outfits you might wear this season.
What colours are you using this Summer?