Rimmel London Salon Pro With LYCRA

Having recently gotten out of the habit of my biting my nails, I’ve been really excited to try all sorts of nail polishes that I unfortunately never got to try before. So today I decided to sort of review one of the nail polishes that I’m currently using. It’s the Rimmel London Salon Pro in the colour 701 Jazz Punk.

One thing I have been noticing about most nail polishes that I previously owned is that they chip off really quickly. Fortunately, with this Rimmel nail polish, I’ve gone for about 5-6 days without any chips. What I also really like about the nail polish is that it has a wide brush which makes it super easy to apply. Though, you might need to apply at least 2 to 3 coats gets that colour and of course add a top coat but it’s worth it in the end since it does last long.


This nail polish has a gel like to it, which looks fantastic in that colour which now makes me want to try their other nail polishes. From what I’ve seen here in the stores, there isn’t a large variety of their nail polish but there are some colours that I’m curious to try like the Cocktail Passion and Hip-Hop.

Have you bought any of the Rimmel London Salon Pro nail polishes? If so, what do you think of them?