Places To Eat: Cape Town

This past December I went to Cape Town for a week. It’s kinda of rare for me to go there considering I live in South Africa but no, this was my second time in Cape Town. Whiles down there, we visited a lot of restaurants but stupid me, didn’t take any pictures. In fact, I didn’t take any pictures at all besides the ones I took on my phone for instagram (you can check out my Instagram here).

We tried a few restaurants while in Cape Town and I thought why not make a post about them, so here are my restaurant you should check out if you are ever in the Western Cape in South Africa.

  • Cape Point: Two Oceans – When visiting Cape Point, this is the only restaurant there so it will be a busy restaurant as Cape Point is a hot tourist place but the restaurant is lovely and service is great. The food as well, is great but expect this restaurant to be a bit on the pricer side. Dishes I’d recommend is the seafood platter, Calamari platter or the Sushi. If you’re not into fish, they also offer meat.
  • Simon’s Town: The Lighthouse Cafe – This was one of the first few restaurants we tried out when we got to the Western Cape. It’s a lovely little small place in Simon’s Town, offering a variety of food including catch of the day if you like your fish plus it’s also affordable. The food I’d recommend trying out there is the Jamie’s Fish & Chips or the Cheese Burger.
  • V&A Waterfront: Harbour House Restaurant – This restaurant is just down by the docks. It’s a lovely almost homey feeling restaurant but also classy so it is a little pricey. The service is lovely and when you get there, you get served bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar which tasted so good. Food I’d recommend trying out there is the Seafood Pasta, Sushi, Beef Fillet or the catch of the day.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to try out any of the vineyard restaurants because the day we left to Stellenbosch was a public holiday and every restaurant we went to was packed or needed a reservation.

If you’ve visited Cape Town before or you live there, what restaurants would you recommend?