October Entertainment Favourites


The months just keep going by. Can’t believe it’s already November and that 2015 is practically around the corner. Here are my favourite films I saw last month, as well music and my favourite book and TV show from October.


  • The Maze Runner – I wanted to read the book before I went and watched the movie but that didn’t happen as I just didn’t have the time. I was really excited to hear that Dylan O’Brien, who is one of my favourite actors who is know from the TV show, Teen Wolf was going to take on a movie franchise like this. When I watched the movie, it did feel a little rushed but I still enjoyed it a lot, the story is interesting and it will keep you interested throughout the movie.
  • Gone Girl – I had heard reviews that this movie is really good and that there is some good plot twists so I really wanted to watch it. Like with the Mazer Runner, I didn’t have the time to read the book before going. The movie was absolutely brilliant. It kept me entertained through the whole time and I actually gasped at some point. Defiantly a must watch if you’re into some suspense and dram.


  • Four by Veronica Roth – Being a fan of the Divergent series, I finally got around to reading this novella which includes Four’s (Tobias) story before he joined Dauntless as well as snippets of his perspective during the events in Divergent. If you’re fan of the Divergent series and want a bit more insight into the world, defiantly give this a shot. I loved being inside Tobias head, getting to know one of my favourites characters a bit more.


  • The Walking Dead – After 4 seasons, this show is just as good as the previous season. This season (season 5) has started off with a lot of action and it’s defiantly just the beginning. If you’re not familiar with the show, the show is about a man, Rick Grimes, who leads a group of survivors through a zombie apocalypse.


  • The Script (No Sound Without Silence) – As a big fan of The Script, I was really excited when I heard they were  coming out with a new album and when the single, Superheroes came out, I loved it. The rest of the album is just as good. Favourites off the album is Superheroes and Man On A Wire.
  • Alt-J (This Is All Yours) – I was pretty stocked when I heard Alt-J came out with a new album. Gave the album a listen and it defiantly didn’t disappoint. It sounds like them. If you’re a fan of Alt-J, you’ll defiantly love this album of theirs. My favourite song off the album has to be Left Hand Free.

What were your favourite movies, TV shows and music last month?