My Top 5 Phone Apps

Our smart phones have become a huge part of our lives these days. Suddenly the phone has become more than just making phone calls. There is so much you can don on phones these days that is why I have picked 5 of my favourite apps that makes things in my every day life a little easier or help with any work you need to get done when not around your computer.


Wunderlist – The default Reminder app for the iPhone isn’t bad and I did use it before I found out about Wunderlist. I love this app because I can keep my to-do list and other lists all organised in a simple and clean app plus you can have shared lists with other people and you can assign tasks to certain people as well.


Evernote – What would I do without Evernote? I love that Evernote syncs with all devices so if I’m writing something on my phone, I can finish it off on my laptop. It’s easy to use and I love having the notebook option so I can easily keep my notes organised. You can also share and have certain notebooks with others. Useful for a school/work environment when notes need to be shared between a group.


Instagram – I use to think that Instagram was just for the selfies but no, there is so much out there other than the selfies. You can find such amazing photography and inspiration through Instagram. It’s really a great way to share images on the internet.


VSCOcam – Instagram’s filters aren’t bad. I used them in my earlier photos but after discovering VSCOcam, I can’t use Instagram’s filters any more. These filters make your photographs looks so professional and it’s so clean and the filters aren’t so harsh on the images either.


Shazam – Don’t you just hate it when your out and about and suddenly a song starts to play that you don’t know but want to listen on replay then you find yourself trying to remember the lyrics so you can google to try find that song? Well those days are over. Shazam is so quick and easy to use. Hear a song you like? Take your phone, open Shazam, hit listen and in a few seconds you’ve got your song. I absolutely love it.

What are some of your most used apps?