Introducing Wicked Nadia Nails

It’s been a while since I last blogged so it seemed fitting that my return to this blog is talking about a side blog that I have started. When it comes to blogging about Beauty, I felt like I wasn’t well invested in the topic to talk about it on my blog. Though it is something I love and enjoy reading. There was always a side to Beauty Blogging that I love and that is nails. Anything to do with nail polishes and nail art was something I felt well versed in the topic to talk about. I felt so well versed that I decided to start a separate blog from this one just to talk about my nails.

So I’m happy to introduce to you Wicked Nadia Nails, a blog where I will showcase my favourite nail polishes for any season or occasions, video tutorials on how to do certain nail art and my tips on natural nail care I will still include some nail related posts on here every now and then but for all things nail, it will mainly be posted on Wicked Nadia Nails.

Along with my new blog, I also have a new Instagram for that account which you can follow right here. I post small snippets of my tutorials, some nail polishes I’m trying out and I sometimes show behind the scenes of filming on Instagram Stories.

I hope you all enjoy the blog as much as I love posting on there and would love to hear your feedback.