Happy New Year! + 2015 Resolutions


Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas spent with loved ones as well as a lovely New Years.

As I’m sure everyone noticed I wasn’t around at all on my blog or my twitter. You could see still see my happenings on Instagram though so if you aren’t already, you can follow me here.

December I went on holiday with the family to Madeira (a Portuguese island) to visit family and spend time there since that is where my parents are from. I thought I’d be able to blog there (I even had a schedule of what posts I’d like to post) but there really wasn’t any time to blog while there. Hopefully this year I can get things going again and into a good schedule. I’ll also make a separate post talking about my time in Madeira.

But lets get into the resolutions shall we. Over the past few years I stopped having any new years resolutions because I never actually kept up with them and by the end of the year, it was too late to do anything about them. But this year, I’ve decided to give them another go. So here my new resolutions for 2015.

  • Save Money – I’m a terrible saver. I always find my self buy things I don’t really need so when I go out I’m going to keep asking myself, do I really need this?
  • Drink More Water – It’s crazy but I can go for so long without drinking water and I know that’s bad for me. I also know that drinking the water all in one go isn’t going to help either so I decided to take baby steps. When I look in the fridge and there’s a can of soda and a bottle of water, I’d rather choose the soda. I want to change that where I’d rather reach for the water instead. So I decided why not make flavoured water so it can appeal more to my tastes buds then regular water. I’ll post more about this and my progress at a later stage.
  • Exercise – I honestly don’t remember the last time I exercised which is really bad for me. I’ve been thinking about doing pilates, as I’ve noticed I’ve got a really bad posture so maybe going out for some classes on the weekend or even some before work would be really great for me. I just don’t want something to intense things where at the end of the day I’m forcing myself to go.
  • Socialise More – If anyone knows me, you’ll know that I’m quite a reserved person who actually likes my own company and would rather spend a day in then out at parties and stuff. But I’d like to be more social than I am, talk more to the people around. This even applies to the online life, I’d like to comment on more things that I like whether that be a video, blog posts, tweets or an instagram post.

I don’t want to have to many resolutions because I know that will be harder to keep up. So hopefully by the end of the year at least one of these will still be going.

What are your 2015 resolutions?