Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween is something that’s not really celebrated here in South Africa though as a kid, you can always go trick or treating in the neighbourhood but doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some yummy candy and watch a scary movie. So if you’re staying in today, why not enjoy a good scary movie


Now I haven’t seen all the scary movies and I don’t actually find scary movies “scary”. I’m actually a hard person to please when it comes to scary movies just because I find that these day scary movies consist more of gore than an interesting, scary storyline. But these movies did make me jump a little and some are just too good not to watch.

  • Insidious – I’m not sure what I love about this movie but I do recommend watching it as it really seems fitting for today. This story is about a boy who can visit the world of the dead in his sleep. He gets trapped there so his father has to rescue him. The ending isn’t the greatest of this movie but the rest is really good. And if you’re up for it, defiantly watch the second one.
  • The Conjuring – Have to say, this is one of my favourite scary movies. I’m not really sure what about it is but I defiantly do enjoy it and I remember I jumped up with a fright watching it for the first time. This is about a family that moves into a new house that’s haunted and the spirits start to patronize them that moving out won’t fix anything so that’s when they call in some specialist to get rid of them.
  • Nightmare On Elm Street – Classic film, classic villain. Who doesn’t enjoy a good scare with Freddy Kruger. If you don’t already know what the film is about, it’s about¬† a group of student who suddenly start dying because a man is killing them in their dreams.
  • The Exorcist – One of the original exorcism movies as far as I know and it’s still has to be one of my favourites. Such a classic. When a young girl becomes¬†possessed by a demon, her mother desperately seeks the help of doctors and scientist to fix her daughter but then ends up calling a priest to preform an exorcism.
  • Paranormal Activity – This is modern day movie that didn’t actually have the usual gore and stuff. This movie, not gonna like, gave me some frights during the movie. This is about a girl who lives with her boyfriend who’s house becomes possessed by a demon resulting in some unfortunate events.
  • Poltergeist – Another olden day movie and I’m sure most of you have heard of this. If not, the movie is about the family who is haunted by ghosts and then their daughter gets taken from them.
  • American Horror Story – This obviously isn’t a movie but if you’re up for a TV Show today, then I recommend this. Now you don’t have to actually watch from the first season as each season has a new story with new characters in a new place and different year. Seasons I do recommend to watch is season 1 and season 4.

To watch these films or TV show, I recommend making some yummy popcorn. In the picture above, I just used microwave popcorn and I put in a bowl with some yummy Halloween sweets.

What have you been doing this Halloween?