Brand Wishlist

There are a lot of brands that don’t sell here in South Africa and the though of ordering them internationally with the way our currency is going is frighting. But nonetheless, I have created a wish list of brands I would like to one day try.

  • Urban Decay – Urban Decay is very we’ll known for it’s Naked Palettes, palettes I have yet to try out. Besides the eye shadows, they have other great products that I would like to try out. I hope their products will come soon here to South Africa as I find ordering online internationally costs too much for me.
  • Origins – A brand I hear over and over on all blogs and recommended by many. This is a range of skincare products I am very curios to try out.
  • Tarte – Another brand that is talked about all over the blogs and magazines is Tarte which unfortunately don’t sell here as well. Products I am curious to try out this eye shadow palettes (I have a thing for eye shadow), their blushes and their Amazonian Clay¬†foundation.
  • Charlotte Tilbury – This has been a really big brand in 2015 where nearly everyone that can afford it, has bought something from the range of products. This as well has yet to come to South Africa. Products that I would really like to try out is their Matt Revolution Lipsticks, Cheek To Chic Blushes and their Bronzer & Highlighter.
  • NARS – A brand that is all to well known in the beauty world. NARS seem like a brand that would be selling here in Edgar’s but unfortunately again, has yet to come here to South Africa. There are several products I would love to try from NARS. The blushes, the foundations, the lipsticks.

What brands have you not tried that you would like to?