Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up next week so I thought I’d make a birthday wish list.

kikki.k Notebook – As If need any more notebooks but I’ve recently seen a lot of bloggers with these notebooks and they are absolutely stunning. Since I’ve staying over in England for a little bit, I might stop by their store for a late birthday gift to myself.

Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream – Kiehl’s is a brand that is highly talked about in skincare. I, unfortunately, haven’t had the chance to try out their products due to the price expect for the Skin Rescue which has really become a staple product in my skincare routine. A highly talked about product in Kiehl’s is their Ultra Face Cream which aims to provide moisture to your skin throughout the day which really sounds like something up my alley.

Digital Camera – I have DSLR and I absolutely love it but it can be a bit of a heavy and big camera to carry around when you just want to take a quick snap but still have the picture in great quality which is why I wanted a smaller camera that I can easily carry around.

Star Wars Battlefront PS4 – I am a nerd, a big one and with my recent love for Star Wars, I really want to get my hands on the PS4 game Battlefront but unfortunately, games don’t come at an affordable price.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – I’ve recently been straying away from the usual books that I read which are YA fantasy although, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy reading those but I’ve been seeing this book around and it’s really peeked my interest.