August & September Entertainment Favourites 2014


I didn’t write up a separate post of my entertainment favourites for August because there wasn’t many things that were worth mentioning in a single post so I decided to add it together with my September Entertainment favourites.


  • Guardians of The Galaxy – As predicated, this movie was absolutely amazing. Marvel has out done themselves with this movie. The acting, the characters, the music was just amazing. If you don’t know what the movie is about, it’s about these space criminals who team up together to save the galaxy from an evil man who wants to destroy the galaxy. The characters are funny, the music which is just from the 60s & 70s add so much to the movie. If you haven’t seen it, defiantly give it watch when it comes out.



  • Outlander – I had heard a lot of good reviews about the pilot of this show so I decided to give it shot and it really was good. The show is about a 1940 female nurse of WWII who get sent to the 18th Century in Scotland where there is a civil war going on. If that interests you, you should check it out as it’s interesting to see how some one from the future deals with being that far back in time.
  • Chicago Fire – The show has just returned from it’s summer break and I’m so happy it’s back. Of course, the show had to return with a memorable episode because last season ended with quite a cliff hanger and with the first episode of the new season, we find out what happens. If you’ve never heard or watched this show, it’s about the lives of a group of fire fighters in Chicago. I do recommend checking out if you’re into some tense drama with lovable (and very good looking) characters.



  • Metric (Synthetica) – This album isn’t new but I’ve only recently just heard about this band and their amazing. A YouTuber recommend a song of theirs. When I heard the song, I immediately fell in love and wanted to check out the rest of their songs. My favourite song off the album is probably Breathing Underwater.
  • Monark (Negatives) – This album of the South African band is filled with songs that I absolutely love. All songs are my favourite which is kind of rare. Defiantly a must check out.
  • Sam Smith (In The Lonely Hour) – First heard of Sam Smith from the song La La La from Naught Boy. Then a few months later, Sam Smith comes out with a new album and the first hit song off the album was Stay With Me. After I go the album, I’m still listening to it on repeat. I can’t seem to get enough of the songs or the way he sings.
  • George Ezra (Wanted On Voyage) – The first time I heard Budapest, I loved it. Naturally after hearing that song, I checked the album out online and loved it. My favourite tracks off the album is Budapest and Barcelona.

What were your favourites films, TV, books or music in August & September?