5 Under R100


Not everyone has the money to go out and buy some high end products and sometimes some of the products aren’t as good as some of the high end products. Here are some great products of beauty and skincare that you can get for under R100.

  • Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polishes – These polishes are probably one of my favourite out there and it’s really great that they’re below R100. The formula is so great on these as I’ve mentioned before so I won’t get into any more. The polishes sell at R69.95.
  • Essences Nail Polish Remover – The Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover which is known to be one of the best Nail Polish removers does sell at about R149, cheaper on some online stores if interested. But the Essences Nail Polish remover which does the job pretty good as well is sold at the price of only R54.00
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser – This has really helped keep my acne in control and at bay. I’m not gonna say it’s removed them completely but it’s defiantly helped and it’s so great because it doesn’t irritate my skin as I do have sensitive skin. You can buy this for just R70.00
  • Maybelline Baby Lips – When I first bought this, it wasn’t as cheap as it is now. I’d read some reviews on this so I tried it out myself. This lip balm is small, compact and soothing on the lips. It leaves the lips well moisturised. You can get this now for just R25.00
  • Essence Quattro Eyeshadow – Trying to find a pallet that will fit the budget is hard, especially if you don’t want to keep buying single shadows. Luckily enough, Essence has some lovely pallets with a variety of colours to choose from. You can buy these pallets at the price R57.95.

Hopefully this has helped those who are searching for some pretty good products under the price of R100. I know that there are defiantly a lot more products out there that are good and under R100. Perhaps I’ll make a part two featuring more products for those interested.

What are some of your favourite products that are under R100 that wasn’t mentioned above?